Stuck In The Cube

Stuck In The Cube7:22am on the train.

Going to work during rush hour is definitely one of the best reasons to start your own business.

Not a smile in sight and I am already stressed from getting my 5 year old dressed to get on the bus so I can make it to work by 8am so I can leave at 4:30pm to be home by 6pm….

Home by 6pm to get myself and my son ready to go to bed and do it all over again tomorrow. Of course if you are a mother, you know that you have fit in cooking, cleaning, baths and homework in between the time you get home and the time you go to sleep. And even with no kids, everybody has something to do to make sure the next day goes relatively smooth. Which has to be done between 6pm-9pm if you don’t want to be dead tired the next day. So Monday to Thursday, it’s a hamster wheel. Wake up, get ready, get my son ready, drop him at the bus, make my way to work with my first fight through NYC rush hour, work for 9 hours (cuz you know corporate doesn’t pay you for lunch!), get on the subway during rush hour in NYC for the second time, get my son, do homework, cook, clean, and then go to sleep. Oh, but wait, then Friday gets here and I have the illusion of freedom! What is Friday? A day that the bosses don’t mind if I take an extra 15 minutes of lunch or leave 5 minutes early. Maybe you go out with your friends or significant other and have a drink to ease the stress of the week. Come home extra late simply cuz you can and try to sleep in Saturday but you know the chores won’t get done if you do or you’ll be late to your kids karate or ballet class.

Saturday might be the best day of the week. Some of us don’t work and don’t have to work Sunday either, so needless to say, we try to cram our whole lives into Saturday so we can relax on Sunday. Parties, weddings, trips, oh my! How many of us can fit in a mall at one time?! When we finally make it to Sunday, the anxiety starts to creep up because once it’s over, that rat race begins all over again.

That cubicle is no joke.

Four walls and a doorway but no door can really make one feel as though they are stuck in a hole they cannot get out of (cue the sunken place!). Is it the fear of failure that makes us stay? Is it the fear of success? Or a combination of both? Accomplishments come in the form of degrees and stunt our growth. While many of us believe that degrees are designed to get us a good job so we can climb the “corporate ladder of success”, why do we not consider the concept that degrees are to make us more seasoned, cultured people ready to strive for personal fulfillment? Why can’t we use the information we got from our degrees to kick start our entrepreneurial journey?

The cubicle is like a invisible forcefield, not allowing anything in or out, and even though we can’t see the forcefield, we can feel it. Feel the power that the security of a “good paying job with benefits and paid vacation time” gives us and do not beg to differ. But what happens when the Creator makes you uncomfortable? Does it mean you begin to hate your job and yourself for hating “such a good job”? Or does it make you sit back and evaluate the discomfort and where it stems from? Will you evaluate the direction in which you are being pointed?

Part Two Coming Next Sunday

What Happens When The Creator Makes You Uncomfortable?


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