What Happens When the Creator Makes You Uncomfortable

What Happens When the Creator Makes You UncomfortableDiscomfort.

As humans, we look at the word discomfort and align it with our feelings without actually evaluating them. 

A feeling that is so strong yet often overlooked is the feeling of discomfort when God wants you to change.  The feeling can be miscommunicated as failure or unhappiness when it is actually a coercion to change something in your life. 

Have you ever noticed that when something goes wrong in your life, every time you recover from it and do not make the effort to make a change, it seems to keep going wrong but each time it goes wrong it is worse than the time before?  Our human ego fights against the desire to give up and we must make a choice between fight and flight. Fight normally takes over until what we view as pain gets too unbearable. Our friends and loved ones who are not going through what we are going through do their best to give us advice. Even though what they say makes sense, our egos cannot be brought to give up. Giving up looks like failure (man-made) and the last thing our egos will allow us to do is FAIL! (even though the feelings resulting from the need to change resembles failure, causing our ego and our low self esteem to battle.) The “pain” we feel becomes our “battle scars” and we “take what we learn into the next phase of our lives”. The feeling of accomplishment upon overcoming that feeling of “pain” is the best trophy one can receive, right?  The next time we get into this situation, we will do it so differently, right?! 

But how many times have we done it differently- honestly? How many times do we stay in this new situation because we are embarrassed that we allowed it to happen again?  Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice…. Or maybe it’s just easier to settle…. become COMFORTABLE with being UNCOMFORTABLE…. but what does that really mean?  Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is not about REMAINING uncomfortable. It is about stepping into that discomfort and dealing with it as opposed to avoiding it but feeling the pain.  Be comfortable with the fact that you are uncomfortable for a reason and because of your purpose, you must not remain stagnant. Be comfortable with the fact that if you allow the Creator to guide your life, regardless of what God you believe in, the discomfort will turn into your own personal success. It will BE your story. The discomfort (or what you view as discomfort) will shape your legacy. Not your legacy based on the success of others, or even what you believe your success to be. Your version of success and God’s version of your purpose can be two completely different things. 

Please do not confuse the feeling of discomfort with the feeling of failure. Similar feelings of anxiety will confuse you and allow your mind to feel battered. 


Let me repeat that uncapitalized. Everything I am doing at my current job and in my current life is preparing me for my destiny.  Stop fighting with your current situation and sit in it. Sit in what you are experiencing and notice the impact it is having on your mental state. Take note of how people treat you. Notice what you eat during lunch. Notice how many times you snack. Notice what your coworkers or clients say to you that sets you off. These signs will give you an idea of the person you are becoming and you can decide if you want to remain this person or make some changes.  

In my personal opinion, not knowing you have a divine purpose or not knowing what your passion is can be ignorantly blissful, but knowing what your passion is and not hitting the ground running with it or not knowing how to carry it out is painful.  Knowing you have a passion and purpose but not making the effort to understand what it is is detrimental to your sanity. 

What we fail to realize deep in that artificial depression is that while God is making you uncomfortable in the situation he does not want you to be in, he is sprinkling you with the most amazing and remarkable signs. If you are not careful, you will look at those signs as yet another thing showing you how wrong your life is and how right everyone else’s life is. Not realizing that if any ONE person can complete something, ANYONE can complete something. If it were truly impossible and you saw not one single person doing it, fine, but how UNBLESSED do you have to be that God would consistently show you something amazing that you could not accomplish? The Creator is just gonna make you uncomfortable in your space (business or personal), ruin your mood, and then show you all of these visions of people doing better than you?  How cruel is that?! OR is the actual order of events 1. Make you uncomfortable to wake you up out of your rat race, 2. Shift your mood so that you do not get back in your habit of doing the norm and 3. Show you that other people have accomplished something so you have the motivation and formula to do it yourself?  

God, the Creator, whatever you in your spiritual being and mind call him or her, wants you to be successful. God, in his infinite wisdom, created you in his image. Some people believe that humans are God having a human experience, so every ounce of you is GOD, God is running through even atom of your body, every drop of blood and you have no room to fail at his personal mission. Failure on a cosmic scale is not about not succeeding at what you do. Failure is when you do not allow your destiny, your fate, your divine reason of being to be ever present in the forefront of your life.  Failure is when God makes you uncomfortable and you find a way to SURVIVE and ADAPT to that uncomfortability without discovering the reason for it.  


You can’t even fail God because you are given every tool you need to be successful, so God has done all he can to ensure that you DON’T fail yourself. YOU CAN FAIL NO MAN…. Disappointing your parents, family, friends or employers is of no consequence to you. Your relationship with success is between you and the Creator, so whatever you do, even in the dark, will always be visible to you and God. When you try to hide failure from those around you, those that really matter will always be aware of your actions. You will always be with yourself and God will always be with you. When your biggest cheerleaders are you and God, you’ve already won the game.

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  1. Love this!! And I totally relate to the question you posed at the start of the blog. I was suppose to leave a guy alone a long time ago, and each time we gravitate back toward each other, but each time it gets worse. It’s like I’m trying so hard to end things on a good note, but it’s like God is saying “No. There is no good.” So now I just have to be uncomfortable with things being uncomfortable between us. So yeah I totally can relate to that question. oan: I just loved this post! So much good information and things to think about.

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    • Yes! It’s so hard to recognize it sometimes. It’s like it’s staring us in the face but we do not see it. And it’s like you know you want more out of a relationship and life but you just keep sinking back into the comfort like your favorite socks or shirt! I’m trying to bring myself out the norm and find the message in things as opposed to what is there on the surface. I’m glad we could connect! And my greatest mission is to make people think! So I love it! U made my day! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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