On Becoming Self Made: What to Do With Energy Suckers (Or If You Are One)

On Becoming Self Made: What to Do With Energy Suckers (Or If You Are One)Discontentment.

I am not content getting up every single day and rushing to work on a busy NYC subway during rush hour to make someone else rich.

I am not content to sit next to all of these miserable people who hate their jobs but will not do anything to change their situation.

I am not content surrounding myself with people who can turn the very best of things into something negative.

Some of us are surrounded by people who have manifested misery and live in that filth each and every day. Even with our motivation, we can get sucked into unhappiness by the sheer concept of physics saying that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred from one entity to another.  Every thought we put out in the universe is either absorbed into our very being or shared with those around us.  When you wake up in a bad mood and experience some sort of positivity that shifts our moods, that negative energy has been placed somewhere, even if you have no idea where that is. Maybe a stranger smiled at you and you took the blessing and returned it by putting that bad mojo on someone else. Maybe you got a free coffee and instantly, that act of kindness cleared the devil’s playground.

At that moment, there are two people involved. The giver of energy and the taker of energy. As you evaluate WHICH one of those people you are, consider what you are doing to shift and begin to give off better energy and what you are doing to recover from receiving negative energy from someone who needed your blessing.

I had one coworker a while ago that I felt very spiritually connected to that told me “if you give away all of your positive energy to the people you encounter, what will you have left for yourself?!” And let me tell you something, even as I write, it is touching me to my core.  I give away ALL of my positive energy all the time and normally I have none left for myself. And I can’t help it. I don’t have it in me to horde even an ounce of positive energy when I meet someone who needs it. Every day I wake up and somehow my positive energy has been recharged to 100%.  People do not understand why or how I am able to see the most positive in people even when on the surface it seems like there is none. But I feel the energy in the trees and the air. I see the desire in people’s eyes to be better. I see the pain in people’s heart when are not who they want to be.  To be 100% honest, I have no idea where my positivity comes from. It doesn’t feel like a choice. I mean, it feels like it is what I am supposed to be so that people around me will feed off of it. And that goes back to giving away all of my energy.  I truly do not believe that my “positive disposition” (as so many people call it) is a choice.  When I start spewing that extra positive ish, the people I speak to leave content and I feel drained, yet complete.  Do we really believe that everyone serves their own particular and individual purpose?  Do we believe God has put us here to complete a task?  I believe that and I believe my sole purpose is to get other people to see the great in life and to see their own potential.

But I am still human.  What am I supposed to do after I share my jewels?  What am I supposed to do when I enter a situation with positivity and express motivation to the people around me and exit feeling even less than blah?  I would love to say that it is easy to recover from encountering an Energy Sucker, but it most certainly is not. So many of us start out positive and motivated, but every time we share our dreams with certain people, it feels like our dreams died before they even became a complete thought.  Energy Suckers have the ability to take your best qualities and turn them into a flaw right before your eyes and normally the “flaws” that they point out are things that society views as a “benefit”.  How are these people able to point out something extraordinary and make someone else think it is actually a flaw?!  Do we have to keep our “journey to a better life” a secret until we actually succeed?

Before you start reading my recommendations, I want you to stop and think.

Just stop, close your eyes and think about how quickly the actions of someone else can change your mood.  Think about how you feel about everything that happens after your mood changes if you are not in a place to stop it from affecting you.  Think about how many times you are upset and you do not know why (Hint: Those feelings are not your own.  They are taken from others and made to seem like they are your own in your own mind.  How many times are you watching a show or saw something terrible on the news and start to get mad cuz you feel like it’s happening to you!?  Your whole mood changes).

Ok, so you know what an Energy Sucker is and you know that you have them in your life.  Now what?  The simplest, most obvious, yet not carried out answer is, avoid the negativity.  I do not care if it your mother, sister, boyfriend, friend, or boss.  Avoid the negativity!  Notice that I did not say avoid the person.  I said avoid the negativity.  Pretend like those negative actions, thoughts, or words are a bird and DUCK!  Seriously, you know the people you love enough to know what signs to look out for when you know a storm is coming!  You can still have Energy Suckers in your life if you know when to walk away.  Walk away before you start to feel bad.  Also, walking away does not have to mean physically walking.  It can also mean ending a conversation, even if your ego does not want you to.  It means knowing that the person you are “talking” to is NOT TRYING TO BE RIGHT, they are trying to steal your energy.  The purpose of learning this is because there are some people, for example your boss, that you cannot logically avoid.  However, you can avoid the negativity by “walking away” verbally.

Avoid these people when your motivation is peaking!  If you know a good thought is coming, write it down or go to the person or people you know have the same motivational spirit as you.  Do not, and I repeat, do not share your motivation or desires with Energy Suckers because I guarantee you, you will be disappointed.  They will convince you that you have failed even before you finish your sentence.

Get new friends.  Okay, so this should have been number 1, because most of us do not know how or when to walk away.  Many of us try to walk away right before the negativity strikes, but miss the mark by a second and get sucked in.  Some people such as parents, siblings or other family members will be in our lives forever, but friendships and relationships ARE VOLUNTARY!!!!  Anyone who knows me knows I am big on happiness at all costs, so I will walk away in a second if I feel I am being taken advantage of.  I am consistent when it comes to being there for my friends, but when it comes to my personal sanity, I share my life desires ONLY with people I know will share my enthusiasm.  I love Drake, but I do not share his belief in “No New Friends”.  Additionally,  when it comes to things such as jobs, it may not be easy but you may have to get a new job or career.  Most of us are scared to do it, but I can attest to the Creator having another plan and if we are not meant to be in a certain job, we will not remain!

Stay busy.  So I posted something on my Instagram yesterday that said “So focused that you don’t care who is fake or who f**ks you over.  Literally tunnel vision.”  It is seriously facts and I couldn’t say it any better!  If you are focused and driven and working on making a bomb ass life, anything that someone says to you that does not radiate positivity will go right over your head.  It will go right over your head “because you will not understand it”.  The more you understand the motivated life, the less you will understand or even be able to tolerate the unmotivated, miserable and misery loves company life.  Motivation is infectious the same way misery is infectious.  Get on that boat and see how fast you sail away from those Energy Suckers.

Remember, you cannot save an Energy Sucker.  This MIGHT BE the most important recommendation when avoiding the pain that evolves from dealing with an Energy Sucker.  Trying to save an Energy Sucker will completely drain you of the positivity that you can share with people who actually want it from you. As we are intended to be in God’s image, God helps those who help themselves and so should we!  There is a difference actually helping someone and getting used by someone to steal your joy.  Knowing the difference may be hard, but by how we feel around then, it is normally easy.

This last part is for anyone who is considered or considers themselves to be an Energy Sucker.  “Misery loves company” is not something to be proud of. If you wake up every day and feel bad for yourself, you have two choices: either leave the people who love you but are motivated to do better alone or wash your mind of the negativity and become motivated yourself.  I hope I reach as many people as possible so that all Energy Suckers can go have a seat because I do not believe being an Energy Sucker is uncontrollable!  I believe Energy Suckers get a high out of attempting to break other people’s spirit intentionally.  Regardless of what caused a person to become an Energy Sucker, they have the ability to embrace their own positivity that they choose not to harvest.

As I end this piece, I must say that writing this has been therapeutic for me.  It has allowed me to see the true intentions of people around me that I did not even realize were part of the Energy Sucker Gang.  Tapping into this creative part of my mind really opens up the average part of my brain.  Hope I have done the same for you all!

Till next time!

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  1. I have been talking about the Energy vampire concept for awhile now to ppl. This blog was so wonderful and so needed. Energy suckers over the years drained me, caused me to have aniexty and lowered my frequencies just by engaging too much. Through protective methods along with a few things you have listed, I too feel a change, a shift of density when I have to be placed in a situation with energy suckers. Crystals, protective affirmations and invoking transmutation when needed has helped tremendously. Love this blog! “Remember, you cannot save a Energy Sucker” lol no you cannot. Not something that can be cast out like a demon. The journey to help would be personal and would include much self realization, self discovery and much self work!


    • Yes yes yes! I cannot even respond because as usual, your comment said it all! Energy Vampires is an even easier concept to understand because we can imagine it. Those of us who love to help others can mistake a Energy Vampire for someone who needs help can definitely get sucked in but I am glad you were able to recognize it and reflect so that you know when to walk away! I love you comment! Keep em coming! And so will I! Thank you so much for reading!!!!!


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