Banking While Black – Part 1: The Beginning, Post 1865 and The Ice Age Mentality

Banking While Black – Part 1: The Beginning, Post 1865 and The Ice Age Mentality
Black people do not like money.

I have said this before and I will say it again.  I do not care what anyone says to me and I do not care how badly you want to prove me wrong.  Just because you like to make and spend money does not mean you like it.  I am sure someone is rolling their eyes and possibly you are at the point where you want to stop reading this bull.  Hopefully you will take the opportunity to make it to the end to understand what I mean.

The Barter System is a foundational African system.  If you have something that your neighbor wants and your neighbor has something that you want, you would switch.  The abundance of everything on the continent of Africa, (all over), leads to greed being primarily unnecessary.  As humans, each of us has a God-given, born talent and as we share our talents, everyone has the ability to be successful.  In present times, I see people who are good at politics, music, clothing and cooking to name a few and I consider the question – why is money of any significance?  Do not think about how much you enjoy spending money, do not think about what you deserve for working so hard, do not think about what you need to do to leave a great legacy.  Think about the actual purpose of money.  Not too certain, are you?

Take That Paycheck and Pay for Your Housing

You work for 40 hours and they tell you that the job you work for, no matter how hard you work is worth, lets say $15 an hour.  You, as an individual, will spend a certain amount of hours doing work for someone else, making them wealthy, and they will give you a paycheck.  You will take that paycheck and pay for your housing, food, clothes, kids school, etc.  How many of you can raise your hand to agree that $40,000 is a living that can be used comfortably with taxes taken out and bill being paid?  I know I certainly cannot.  So let us rewind 152 years and just get a bit of a history lesson on black people and working in this country.

On May 9th, 1865, black slaves in America were considered to be free, against the wishes of Southerners looking to secede from the North. It became “illegal” to own a slave (unless they are duly convicted of a crime of course, 13th Amendment in black and white – no pun intended).  Black people felt a sense of freedom the moment they found out they were no longer to be considered property of white families.  Then reality sets in.  The former black slaves looked around at each other and wondered instantly “where am I going to go?  How am I going to take care of myself and my family”?  The generation of Africans had become the generation of Black Americans and of course at this time they could no longer just go back to Africa.  They were in a place unknown for anything but the enslavement of their bodies, minds and souls.

Okay, so their slave master walked over to them, congregating and discussing what to do next.  He knows that due to the fact that they have not left that they are trying to figure out where to go.  He says to them “So I know y’all are free now, but I also know y’all have nowhere to go.  So I am here to give y’all a break.  Y’all can stay on my land and I will pay y’all.  I will feed and cloth y’all and we will square away the payment at the end of the crop season”.  Ah, yes, that sounds like a great idea, they thought!  We do not have to go anywhere and we will get paid now for what we already know how to do!  And we are free!  So life continues, business as usual, and payment day comes around.  Your old master, now employee, says “Okay, so here is what you have earned minus food, clothing, room & board, and of course taxes, actually, I am showing here that you owe me some money, but don’t worry, we will just add that onto next years crop and you can work a little harder to make up for it.” THAT IS CALLED SHARECROPPING (and modern day overtime!).

Let me translate that into 2017.  You work 40 hours a week and make $15 an hour, getting a paycheck every two weeks.  You may be a two parent household, single mother, single father or one or the other with no children.  Regardless of what you are, you have your own struggles.  Regardless, with that paycheck, you are bringing home $1,200 every two weeks, $2,400 a month (before taxes).  You probably spend close to $1,000 for your rent, $100 for Con Edison (if you turn off your air conditioning and heat), $500 for everything car related, a couple hundred for your credit card bills, $100 for your cell phone, like $300 for food… HOLD ON, thats $2,400 BEFORE TAX, which means that if you have 40% taken out for tax ($960) and an additional $300 taken out for the chump change you put in your 401K and your medical/dental/vision plan, life insurance, etc., hold on, your paycheck is $1,140 and your bills according to what I just wrote add up to $2,200, so you have to cut back.  Your rent is kinda non-negotiable, but you juggle your bills and pay that late fee that your landlord proposes if you pay after the 10th, opt for the bus and trade in your car, stop paying your credit cards and ruin your credit (gotta do what you gotta do, get a prepaid phone for $30 a month and make ramen noodles or get McDonald’s (value menu) for dinner every night. Whew, you now have… $50 extra to your name, to last you until the next time you get paid.  How do you put a couple of extra dollars in your pocket?  Work 50 hours instead of 40, cuz you have to take care of your family and make up for being short for the bills that came due this month.

Maybe you think I am being dramatic.  Maybe you think what I am saying is an exaggeration and that as long as you work hard you will reach the point of success by climbing the corporate ladder of success.  Yay, how has that been working for the MAJORITY of us?  Yea, not too well at all, but WHY?

What is money and why was it created?

Cave Man Syndrome or the Ice Age Syndrome (let me say this, this part is most definitely not an insult, it is a result of Mother Nature, but anyway) shows that the people living during the Ice Age did not have all of the resources they needed to survive.  The one’s who did held onto their resources for dear life and whoever was going to convince them to share needed a damn good bargaining tool.  Ahh, sales people, those car sales people!  You leave out of the car dealership with a car and all the fix-ins, how did that happen?  You didn’t even go in intending to get a car!  But as with the people trying to get something out of their neighbor during the ice age, convincing a fish to buy air became so important.  Not only did you need to convince them to buy NOW, you had to convince them to keep coming back.  They could not barter because the mentality was that no one had enough of anything to continuously share among each other.  Somehow, through the years, the concept of currency took over completely.  The idea that money equals status became King.

As I am writing this, I am trying to figure out exactly HOW money took over.  Like, I cannot even find the words to understand it.  The logical solution for lacking something would be to trade what you have for what you want, but I suppose that would continuously keep everyone one the same level and on the same playing field.  The fear of the Ice Age mentality taking over caused them to crave control and led to the mental manipulation over the people they wanted to control.  Creating an economy with imaginary money that everyone craves because having an abundance of items feeds the human ego.  [Money is 100% about control]

So I say again, Black people do not like money because we do not understand it.  There has never been a time in history where we have needed to partake in the illusion of money – until 1865.  To introduce a people to a concept that is completely foreign to their DNA AND THEN make then feel inferior without it is completely confusing.  Not only is it not part of our DNA, but due to the fact that Black people have never had the chance to recover from slavery, nor have they had a chance to separate themselves from sharecropping, money FEELS GOOD TO HAVE, but apparently not to understand.

Let me say this, money controls white people MORE THAN it controls black people.  White people, racist or not, cannot live without the cushion of money.  They are born with it and continue to make it grow through one of the biggest illusions called the Stock Market (if your money can “disappear” how can you call it real?).  We wonder, how we can get out of this pit called oppression?  I can guarantee you that the best way to get out of this pit called oppression is to understand how to control money.  There is nothing that will speak to white people better than the threat of their money being affected.  NOTHING, not our education, not our unity, not our anger, not our silence, not our protest, if you want a chance at respect, become a financial EXPERT

Banking While Black – Part 2: Post Trump & On the Cusp of Charlottesville, What Are We Going to Do Now? 


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