Adding Stamps to Your Soul Like a Passport

Adding Stamps to Your Soul Like a PassportMy son told me that Hurricane Harvey reminded him of Noah’s Ark.

My son is 5 years old and I make it my best effort to keep his mind open and free and fun, without clouding it with prejudices and hate.  I am at a point in my life where I want him to be proud of his blackness, but I also feel that the separations of black and white sometimes adds to the disconnect that both sides have.  At times, society assumes that “white pride” equates to racism and “black pride” equates to the struggle and the protest. Neither side is allowed to love themselves without being judged for that love.  So I am caught between involving him in the struggle by emphasizing his pride in his blackness and trying to allow him to be the change I want to see in the world without giving him any head starts on my opinions.

One thing that I have always said is that my issue has never been with white people.  My issue is with the negativity associated with “white supremacy” and the effects that comes along with the bubble of “white privilege”.  I believe that I struggle with this concept wholeheartedly because of my love for humanity on a grand scale.  It is an internal struggle because I feel the emotions of those around me so strongly. I feel so assaulted by hate and discrimination that my fight becomes about discrimination against those who are deemed to have no voice.  In our society, that is people of color, women, people who are part of the LGBT community, and now more recently immigrants and Muslims, to name a few.

However, in my journeys of self discovery, I cannot help but realize that the fight we are having is cosmically and eternally bigger than the color of our skin.  When we consider the fierceness of the world we live in, we realize just how trivial deciding that one person is better than the other because of their complexion, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., really is.

Mother Nature is surely ready to remind us.

Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas in a way no protest or march had the ability to.  Hurricane Irma destroyed 90% of an entire island and has now moved to parts of Florida putting streets fiercely under water.  The 8.2 earthquake in Mexico sent people flying in the air.  However, the United States of America has been under tremendous [man made] pressure since the election of Donald Trump as president, bringing the venom of white supremacy, neo-nazists and KKK members to a head like a dog whistle.  The most painful thing about this is that not all human beings considered to be of white background feel this way.  In fact the only person that died in the protest was a young white woman fighting for the rights of humanity to stand together equally.

But the pain that we are feeling is humanity.  Each person suffers the burden of owning a conscious and having to answer to it, while indulging at times with the dances of the devil.  Some of us enjoy things in life that are considered sinful by whatever religion you are part of and eventually made to answer for those choices, whether in your own subconscious or with an organization of people ready to judge your mistakes.  Many of us have lost hope and essentially lost the dedication to the Creator because of that judgement.  We lose the dedication to the Creator based on the interactions with other humans on their own quest to God.  How we are treated in society allows our minds full of free will to lose hope in God simply because another human is able to get into our heads like Freddy Krueger.

Mother Nature is the gateway to God and will ALWAYS remind us of her universal and cosmic power that is bigger and badder than any man could ever possess.

Our respect for one another should be based on the admiration we have for the Creator and what we want out of the life we are blessed with.  No race, gender, color, sexual orientation, religion, etc., is immune to death.  No one can calculate their death because even for people who try to take their life, if God is not ready for you, you will not die no matter how hard you try.

For a 5 year old to understand the concept of the connection between what is going on in the world and comparing a hurricane to an event in religious history, as a grownup society, we are failing.  How we cannot see that this is bigger than our petty differences, which are not even actual differences, is beyond me.  It breaks my heart to see my people so broken for a made up hatred that leads people to be so separated that connections that are supposed to happen cosmically may not even be able to happen.  I was not raised to conform to organized religion, but I do believe that the devil is a liar and his intention is to confuse.  His intention is for you to give in to your diseased desires to taint your soul.  I wholeheartedly believe in a soul and I believe the choices you make throughout whatever journey you are on adds stamps to your soul like a passport.

Be a believer or not, but you cannot discount the experiences you have.

Change your thought process.  Change how you treat people.  Change how you treat animals and nature.  Change how you treat yourself.  Appreciate the process.  Love yourself.  Love your temple.  Bless your temple.  Meditate.  Sit alone.  Hug your children.  Call the people you love.  FORGIVE.  FORGET.  Possess spirituality.  SMILE.  LAUGH. LIVE like it is your last day on Earth.  Love as you have never loved and as though you may never again.  Marinate in every moment, because every moment that passes will never come back around. Judge no one and understand that every ounce of love you deliver is coursing through every atom of your body even when you think you are giving it to someone else.  Use your body as a vehicle of power to ensure that the world is better tomorrow than it was yesterday.  Use your mind to ensure YOU are better tomorrow than you were yesterday.  BE better every second you have a breath.

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