About Sasha Madeline

My Righteous Journey BACK to Self

For over 10 years, I have been ensuring that my clients’ financial needs, wants and desires have successfully been found, met and exceeded expectations.

Straight out of college, I became a licensed personal banker for one of the largest commercial banks in America and remained in retail banking for 8 years.  At that point, I moved on to be a business banking liaison for another bank and really began to focus on the business banking aspect.

As a banker, my purpose was to sell but my desire was to educate and help people understand wealth from its foundation.  I found myself in love with wealth and finance but with a dislike for what I was doing at my “9 to 5”.  I didn’t (and still don’t) want to make money by and for people who already have it.  I wanted to help the people in my community find money, get money and keep money.

I have seen and touched (literally) millions and millions (and millions!) of dollars that did not belong to me or people that looked like me.  I heard (and witnessed) horror stories of women who were forced to choose between going to their children’s Christmas show and their jobs.  No one should have to choose between their child and the thing that allows them to be financially well off.  However, we do have the ability to choose what MAKES us those coins!  Having a child myself allowed me to see just how important it is to utilize that choice and make my money on my terms and my time!

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