Unmatched Happiness

Excerpt from my upcoming book


Anyone who knows me, and especially people I call friends, will tell you that I am an advocate for utter and complete happiness.  I don’t believe in remaining in a situation simply for comfort.  Whether it is a friendship, relationship or a job, if it does not feed your soul to capacity, it does not belong in your life.  To be honest, I had a very good friend who was in a crazy relationship, but it was something she enjoyed and she brought chaos into everything she did, so my assumption was that she enjoyed chaos.  Whenever I gave my advice, I gave it from a place of love and understanding and I let her know that as long as she was happy and safe, I would support her.

One of the many things I learned from my father is that no matter how much you want to see people win, sometimes they just aren’t ready or willing to win.  If you focus and force people who are not ready to win to hear what you are saying, you will miss out on those who are listening to you with eyes, ears and hearts open.

In is my hopes with this book that you can reach into your soul and pull out the love that you are depriving yourself.  I want you to inhale oxygen and exhale love.  The world that we live can be a dark and dangerous place, but with consistent positive energy, we can begin to alleviate some of that pain.  The way that we treat each other depends on the way we treat ourselves and when we treat each other well, the world will feel it.  If you make a conscious effort to always call the glass half full as opposed to half empty, regardless of circumstance, the happiness that you will feel within your body will be thoroughly unmatched.